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Furniture Care Products

Located in Sydney NSW “Furniture Care Products” is one of the leading E-commerce website for furniture and home care products in Australia had an existing online shop that was generating orders, but wasn’t maximising the potential for mobile and tablet shopping and handling high traffic from multi platform visitors without the server crashing. 
WebLingo was instructed to develop and redesign a new website with an online store that had a responsive design with seamless user experience and a higher capacity server that can handle high traffic visitors to the website without the server breaking and crashing.

Solution: WebLingo had transferred 65,000+ files to the new Google cloud platform server transforming 2,500+ internal web links, 200+ products and variations, 90+ pages, 100+ posts and articles, 200+ different products variations with multiple categories.

Redesigning the website for multi-platform sizes and software, adding two mega menus for a large amount of product and post categories.

Shopping platform addons: shopping cart and shop account buttons, distraction-free checkout, multi-level footer options, modern shop and product display pages.

Hair & Beauty Online shop

Beauty shop located in Toukley NSW servicing the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney has had there website redesigned with the help of WebLingo adding a website with online beauty store with multi platform payment options, over 200 products online and mega filter menu.

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